Wessex Water Pitch

Wessex Water invited Aylesworth Fleming to pitch for the design and build of their new website, along with a collection of fringe company websites with the aim to refresh the design and create continuity between the brands.

Whilst reviewing and analysing their current content, we found some areas of their site lacked the necessary attributed to connect with their users and, ultimately, aid them in their journey. Due to the shift from the original brief proposed, we took our UX findings and proposed our changes in a more engaging and educational way. 

Along with the user journey profiling and designs, we produced a video detailing all our findings and highlighted the aspects of their current site that was letting their users down. Then merged in our solutions to their problems and rationalised our choices.

The team at Wessex Water were blown away by our findings and took everything we presented on board. So much so, that they scraped the original brief and completely reworked it to include a complete content and site structure overhaul in order to accommodate their users.